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Aesthetics & Rejuvenation (ThermiVa® Application)

What is ThermiVa?

ThermiVa is a new non-surgical procedure for labia and vaginal tightening and rejuvenation. ThermiVa is a temperature controlled radio frequency system for women who want results in sexual desire (low libido), vaginal laxity, vaginal/vulvar dryness, mild to moderate stress incontinence, and sexual or orgasmic dysfunction without surgery.

ThermiVa is at the forefront of improving vulvovaginal health for women at different ages in life, for young women, after childbirth and ideal for post-menopause aging women experiencing dryness.

How ThermiVa Works

ThermiVa™ Treatments use radiofrequency waves to treat the interior vaginal walls and external labia, causing the tissue to become tighter and firmer. By utilizing radiofrequency waves, ThermiVa delivers safely controlled heat, regulated to the patient’s thermal comfort – resulting in a treatment that causes no pain. The treatment is an in-office procedure with no down time. Most patients see a significant improvement after the first visit; however, three treatments over a period of three months is recommended for optimal results. The radiofrequency waves cause tightening by increasing blood flow, stimulating new collagen formation, and allowing more synchronous muscle contractions of the vaginal wall and pelvic muscles. This in turn allows for improved control of urine and stress incontinence, improves vaginal moisture, ease of arousal, decreases pain, and improves sexual satisfaction.

Benefits of ThermiVa:

  • Vaginal (internal) Tightening: ThermiVa tightens the vagina at the opening and the full length of the vagina reducing laxity that is noticeable to patient and partner.
  • Vulvar/Labial (external) Tightening: ThermiVa will tighten the external labial tissues and reduce sag or “camel toes.” It results in noticeably softer and smoother skin. Patients experience more comfort in tight clothing, and less self-consciousness in yoga pant and bikinis.
  • Decreased Dryness: ThermiVa adds softer and thicker skin and more moisture both internally and externally. For those experiencing Vaginal/Vulvar Dryness or Atrophic Vaginitis, ThermiVa makes daily life and sexual intercourse more comfortable without the use of hormones.
  • Reduced Incontinence or Leakage Accidents: Patients experience reduced accidents and leakage and even urge symptoms after treatment with ThermiVa. Women diagnosed with mild to moderate stress incontinence may avoid the use of mesh slings in their vaginas after treatment.
  • Increased Sexual Satisfaction: Patients can expect increased vaginal sensitivity, more coordinated and stronger muscular contractions, and ability to achieve stronger orgasms in a shorter time period.

How to Know if ThermiVa is Right For You?

Clients from 21 years of age to 80 years of age have been treated with ThermiVa. Whether you want to increase your sensitivity and lubrication to achieve better orgasms, reclaim the appearance of your vagina or reduce the negative impacts of a leaky bladder, ThermiVa may be right for you. To find out whether this treatment is right for you, book in for a consultation today.