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Welcome to Dr Bent OBGYN

As a woman I feel that I can truly relate to the needs of my patients. I am a firm believer in educating women about the uniqueness of the anatomy and physiology of the female body. My goal when I chose to become an Obstetrician/Gynecologist was to educate all the women that I came in contact with about the fascinating and unique way in which our bodies function, thus empowering women to be more confident and proud. After giving birth to my two sons I truly could relate to my patients while they are in labor and as I approach my more mature years I can truly relate to my perimenopausal patients.

It is this goal that drives the practice of Dr. TaiSenChoy-Bent’s dedication to continuing medical education. Patients are encouraged to participate in the management of their healthcare, to read information concerning their health and to inquire about issues that affect their life.

My office staff and I take great pride in offering the latest technology and services in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Each patient is educated about the latest advances in the treatment of the various disorders of women. Currently I have embarked on enhancing the practice with new anti aging treatments, such as as bio-equivalent hormone therapy, using vitamins, minerals, and exercise to promote health and well being. In addition we offer various minimal invasive in office procedures. These include saline hysterograms, endometrial ablation, no incision tubal and sterilization (Essure).

Our philosophy of treating each woman as an individual means you will receive special attention to your needs and prompt treatment.

Our office is that of a friendly, warm family environment that is welcoming to all our patients.